East Anglia Transport Museum

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This museum is situated at Carlton Colville, near Lowestoft in East Anglia. It is devoted the electric transport for the most part (there is a miniature railway and other road transport as well), in the form of trolleybuses and trams. Their website is at www.eatm.org.uk .

The museum specialises in London Trolleybuses, being, until recently, the only operator of these fine vehicles but does not run them every open day as the 6-wheel design tends to wear out the roadways faster than other vehicles, so check in advance if you wish to see these running.

The following photographs were taken at the special London Event in 2000, when 1768 was last run in service before being returned to static display at Aston Manor.

EATM1.jpg (17536 bytes) London 1201 is followed closely by 1768 at the loading bay near the site entrance. The conductor is reversing the trolley pole on the Blackpool tram.
EATM2.jpg (18143 bytes) London 1768 waits in the holding line for its turn on duty.
EATM3.jpg (18159 bytes) The depot end of the site showing two London's in the siding while the Bournemouth carries passengers back to the main entrance.
EATM4.jpg (20797 bytes) Bournemouth 286 at the loading bay with two of the museum's trams.