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This page shows the progress of restoration on 619. This starts from the initial effort of bringing her back up to operating standard after her recovery from the failed Transperience Museum in 1998 to enable her to operate at the Sandtoft Gathering in July 2000. Interior restoration work commenced on the lower saloon at the end of the 2000 operating season. This was completed in time for 619 to be passed out for service again at Easter 2001.

Because of her excursion to Huddersfield during the summer of 2001, little extra work was done after her return to Sandtoft at the end of that summer. Hence the winter of 2002/3 was chosen to attempt the upper deck, as this would be a much bigger job. In addition, there was extra impetus for the improvements in order to have her ready for the Huddersfield 35th Anniversary on 13th July 2003. The upper deck was refurbished and the cab repainted in time for Easter 2003; the exterior was finished just in time for the Huddersfield 35th event. Further work in 2004 and beyond can be found on the second restoration page.

Below are sections on the initial restoration, the Lower Saloon, the Upper Saloon, the Cab and the Exterior:
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619's road to recovery - 1998-2000:
619 at Transperience
619 forlorn at Transperience, near Bradford, on the day of collection. (August 1998)  (>>)
619 almost bare
Almost 'before & after' in one shot - 631 passes a virtually bare 619. Testing had revealed 30-40 failures. (>>)
619 almost painted
Most of the top coat now applied, except for the dash! Electrical work started. (Summer 1999)
Hudds619RearSide.JPG (15283 bytes)
Black lining-out and detail painting work proceeds. Work obviously not finished on the booms!

Hudds619LowerSalloon.JPG (15934 bytes)
View of the lower saloon before restoration work commenced.

Hudds619nonumber.JPG (15110 bytes)
Almost ready externally, and run under power for the first time in 20 years, but still plenty to do. (Spring 2000)
Work on the Lower Saloon - Winter 2000/2001:
Hudds619LSBefore.JPG (21149 bytes)
Restoration work commenced on the lower saloon when the 2000 season closed. Here the lower saloon has been stripped of its wood, side panels and seat upholstery.
Hudds619LSNewPanels.JPG (15423 bytes)
The seat frames are painted the correct colour and the inner skin is protected with a coat of bitumen.The new plywood panels have been re-covered in leathercloth, and the newly-varnished wooden trim has been re-installed.
Hudds619LSReSeated.JPG (17169 bytes)
The seat backs and squabs have been replaced after repair and a thorough clean. Ready for service again just in time for Easter 2001! (>>)
Work on the Upper Saloon & Cab - Winter 2002/2003:

Work Required Details:
Wood Trim - 51 pieces. To restore.
Side Panels - 14. To renew & re-leathercloth.
Seat Backs - 20. To clean & repair.
Seat Cushions - 20. To clean & repair.
Seat Frames - 20. To rub down & repaint.

Window frames - 19. To rub down & repaint - also 13 more downstairs not restored at the time of the lower deck refurbishment.
Various other painting jobs to do.
New screws required for reassembly :-
Raised - 425.  Cup Washers - 150.

Various transfers to make and apply.

Upper Saloon 1
Work commenced with the removal of the seat upholstery. This was all taken away for repair and refurbishment. (>>)

Upper Saloon 2
At its last repaint in Huddersfield, 619's window frames had been changed to maroon. Some seat frames were red, others maroon. We don't know why!
P1220100a.JPG (52609 bytes)
Some of the 51 pieces of wood trim (all different!) undergoing restoration.

Upper Saloon 4
The seat frames get their gloss finish, and the window frames their original colour of brown-beige (they had been changed to maroon at her last repaint in Huddersfield).

P3160104a.JPG (54619 bytes)
After making up the side panels with new leathercloth, the first are fitted to the front offside. After the best part of two days work they were all finished.

P3300128a.JPG (51967 bytes)
The front is finally completed with all wood refitted (after figuring out where it all went!) and the front rail also back in place.   (>>)

P4060133a.JPG (88351 bytes)
The remaining wood has been replaced on the upper deck; time for the restored seat backs. Almost finished!

P4060135a.JPG (90161 bytes)
Meanwhile this is the lower deck with window sills repainted, the wood replaced again and the floor cleaned. Later the steel treads were painted silver.

Cab 1
The cab before starting work. There was a mixture of maroon and black.

Cab 2(>>)
The cab is 'marooned', or more accurately, 'burgundied'....
Cab 3(>>)
.... and then all the metalwork, like the contactor cabinet here, painted black.
Work on the Exterior - Spring 2003:
P5310023a.JPG (86329 bytes)
619 being rubbed down ready for the red to be repainted. The 'Huddersfield' transfers and some others require replacement.
P6140031a.JPG (69721 bytes)
The front dash panel. This is bent at the bottom, should be one piece and the foglight should be dangling below it. Bumpers will be fitted later.
P6220040a.JPG (76369 bytes)
The panels removed ready for remedial work on the wood framing before a new panel is fitted. Most of it is in good condition, fortunately.
P7090063a.JPG (45718 bytes)
After painting all the wood and metal with preservatives, the new front dash panel is stretched into place, then all the lighting units were refitted.
P7120002a.JPG (51845 bytes)
More-or-less complete! New number, crest and 'stencilled' numberplate as per the original specification. Space has been left to fit the bumper later.
P7120005a.JPG (170829 bytes)
The finished article, resplendent in new paint, transfers and front dash panel.
A fine sight!
P7190053a.JPG (53013 bytes)
Various tidying up jobs were still needed on the front dash. Here the numberplate black surround has been evened out, and a dangling foglight has been fitted. On the right is a full front view, ready for Huddersfield Day, July 2003!
P7190052a.JPG (57234 bytes) P7190048a.JPG (88543 bytes)
Meanwhile, the roof painting had not been finished due to lack of time. Here it is now done, covering up the dreadfully faded previous coat of red paint. The black has also been refreshed.
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