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Huddersfield 619 is maintained at the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft (see links page) by Bruce Lake, Steve Harrison, Phillip Jenkinson and Keith Jenkinson,  Mention must also be made of Phillip Singleton and the BUT Preservation Group, as without their long association with 619 in the early days, today's achievements would not be possible.

619 is a BUT 9641T 6-wheeler trolleybus with East Lancs bodywork. She was delivered to Huddersfield in 1956, but did not enter service until January 1957. She was withdrawn in May 1968, shortly before the system closed on 13th July 1968.

In 1998, 619 took up residence again at the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft, having been there in Sandtoft's earlier days before being housed at Transperience. However she was temporarily loaned to Keighley Bus Museum during 2001 from May until early September so she could take part in the Marley Rally on 17th June and the Huddersfield Bus Parade on August 12th. Photographs of 619's attendance at the latter (where she won the 'Best Double Decker' Trophy) appear below. 619 can be seen running on some Sandtoft Open Days (see links page for details of Sandtoft) - there are pictures below of the early days at the Museum and some more recent shots of her in operation. There are also pictures of her in service in Huddersfield. Each year, maintenance and cleaning is carried out to keep her in good condition, and she is put through the Sandtoft testing procedures to allow her to operate. This has been the case from the 2004/5 season as she is awaiting the fabrication and fitting of a set of bumpers, and other jobs to return her to 1956 condition.

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(>>) - indicates larger version or more description is available - click on photo or arrows. All photographs by myself unless otherwise stated. The Gallery starts with 619 as restored in 2000/2001. For older and interior shots see Restoration Pages.

Huddersfield Trolleybus 619
Huddersfield 619   (>>)

Huddersfield Trolleybuses 619 & 631
Huddersfield 619 with 631 at Sandtoft

Huddersfield Trolleybus 619
Turning in Sandtoft Square


Great atmospheric shot as darkness falls at Sandtoft. (Graham Bilbé)

Huddersfield Trolleybus 619+Shops
Posing in front of the Axholme Stores, 619 has now had a Huddersfield crest applied to its dash panel. (>>)

619 heads down the back straight at Sandtoft (Easter 2001). (>>)
Model & 619
619 with a model of itself at the side. You will need to go to the enlargement to see the difference. The model is also shown on the model pages. (>>)
A pairing not seen in well over 30 years! 619 leaving Sandtoft behind ex- Huddersfield Mandator Tower Wagon A9 on 19th May 2001.....
....and arriving at Keighley Bus Museum later the same day. She was housed here for the events detailed above and returned to Sandtoft in September.
On 11th & 12th August 2001, 619 visited Huddersfield:
Huddersfield Trolleybus 619 at Longroyd Bridge Depot
Emerging from Longroyd Bridge Depot.
At Slaithwaite turning circle behind Mandator A9 during her brief tour of some of her old haunts.
A line-up in St.George's Square - A9, 619 and motorbus 472 (>>)
Huddersfield Trolleybus 619 in St. George's Square

Leaving St. George's Square with the station in the background.

At the Huddersfield Transport rally in Greenhead park.  (>>)
We celebrate the winning of the Trophy for best Double-Deck Bus.
Early days at Sandtoft: More recent operation at Sandtoft:

619 under battery power - the first trolley to operate electrically at the Museum. (>>)

At one of the rear corners of the museum in 2006 (>>)

619 running across Sandtoft Square at the St.Leger event in 2006 (>>)

619 takes part in a line-up of 6-wheelers at the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft in 2007. (>>)

619 alongside an almost complete 541 in April 2010 as 541 is prepared for its launch back into service.  (>>)

619 in a line-up of all the operational Huddersfield trolleybuses in the world! In addition, Tower Wagon A9 attended the event - the launch of 541 back into service in August 2010. (>>)

619 in Service in Huddersfield:

Huddersfield Trolleybus 619 at Outlane
At Outlane, highest trolleybus terminus in the UK (>>)
(photographer unknown)
Huddersfield Trolleybus 619 at Shore Head
About to enter Shore Head roundabout (>>)
(photographer unknown)
619 turns out of Railway Street to enter service at the Westgate stand in the 1960's. 628 of the same batch is following. (Hugh Taylor collection)  (>>)
About to do a short turn at Bradley Bar on the Fixby route (Hugh Taylor collection)  (>>)

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